Squatting has this insane ability to make you look good. Frankly the shorter the shorts the smoother the squat. Oh I know he is just standing there but this was at the end. Rainbow plates for the Record

3 Rounds not for time
12 DB Bench Press
12 DB Bulgarian Split Squats or Split Squats (6 each leg)
12 DB Bent Over Rows

6 rounds
10 Power Clean (#115-135/ 75-105)
15 V-Ups
200m run
10 Back Squats (same weight as above)
15 pull ups
200m run

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the 730pm class getting after it and even posing for a little picture. I know its a bit fuzzy, even though I asked them to stop and pose but hey that is what a shotty camera man will do.

spend time on Glute and hips with Lacrosse ball
or mash it up

EMOM 8 minutes
3 deadlifts drop from the top (use 70-75% work on back position)

3 rounds 1:00 on /:30 off
-tire strikes
-ab mat sit ups
-Calorie Row
-Barbell Hang Power Snatch +OhS (no more than #95/ no more than #65)

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Check it out!

You may have walked by these lovely 2-ringed homemade Balboa inspired cook books and didnt even know what they were.Those of you who were not curious enough to investigate, look inside and you will see that these lovely cook books are filled with some of your fellow Balboan’s favorite recipes.

The goal was to organize and provide meal options that were either “Paleo”, grain free, or at the very least not time consuming and needed minimal kitchen expertise. Organized into Breakfast, Dinner, Treats and Croc-Pot recipes these recipes are quite delicious and nutritious.

We’d like to thank both Meredith and Wendy Do for organizing, creating and manufacturing the idea, as well as thanking those who provided some of the meat and potatoes so to speak on the first and not last “Balboa Jacked” recipe book. If you would like your own to hang on your fridge, pass on to a co-worker or do anything you want, there is a limited availability. For five doll hairs, (to quote the Hinzman) you can have your own.

This is what I hope to be the first of many. On another note, what do you all think of those hand drawn octopi?

Over the last couple of years I have grown fond of the wily and cunning Octopus, known to be able to get itself out of any predicament and even smart enough to toy with humans, these guys are quite ingenious. Rumor has it that this just might become the mascot of Balboa, maybe we even need to get an aquarium.

Octopus yay or nay! (Im still going to do what I want)

Push Press 2 rm
(We will be using this number over the next couple weeks so get it on)

3 rounds for time
15 Russian KBS
15 burpees

-Rest 3 minutes-

3 rounds for time
12 Box Jump Overs
12 SA KB Push Press (try to use same weight as Russian KBS) 6L/6Rr

-Rest 3 minutes

2 minutes
max wall balls
*Goal is 40-50
(this is an all out type thing, try not to leave anything behind, we will re-test in a couple weeks)


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“Stress to Progress” -Tex
I exercised competitively against other fitness enthusiast over the weekend.  Sounds a bit silly when you spell it out, but, it’s what we do.  As I’ve said time and time before, I believe in the act of competing because of what it brings out in an individual.  I am by no means a person of great sentiment, nor am I much of a CrossFit Koolaid drinker in most respects, but as one of my favorite coaches used to tell me – “You can’t argue with results” – and competing certainly generates a qualifiable result.  Anyone who has done so can attest to reaching a new understanding of either their body, mind, or both.
While reflecting on this past weekend, I realized something that I was sort of peripherally aware of, but had never really spent much time pondering.  The stress (and excitement) of competition just illuminates and magnifies one’s character.  Think about all of the bits that make you, you.  The strengths and weaknesses, both mentally and physically, become even more apparent when the stakes are high.  High pressure situations are not unique to the crossfit world.  If anything, crossfit has merely capitalized on replicating the emotional demands of real life by using physical tasks.  For myself personally, this competition was no exception.
My partner, with whom I’ve never once trained with, informed me upon meeting before the event that she had “never not taken the podium”.  I laughed because I thought she was joking.  She was not.  I have competed numerous times and was always of the mindset (likely to my competitive detriment) that not getting last place and dodging injury was a mini-victory worthy of at least 6 beers.  After hearing this I started to feel a tingling sensation throughout my hands and pit in my stomach…I was nervous.  Reminding myself that all I could do was my absolute best, I attacked each workout harder than I think I ever have.
The heightened state of…we’ll call it, arousal…served as the catalyst for my personal defaults in movement and attitude.  We often say in CFFB, no one ever rises to the occasion but rather you fall to the level of your training.  This was the case when at the end of a my third workout I had to perform 5 bar muscle ups before my partner could complete hers.  Having rarely practiced the skill under extreme fatigue- my body could hardly hold on to the pullup bar, let alone remember how to perform the movement.  With plenty of time left on the clock, it went a little something like this 1) Cali attempts MU 2) Cali fails at MU 3) Cali yells “FUCK” 3) Cali apologizes to partner 4) Repeat. All I was doing with any proficiency was repeatedly sucking.  I finally just looked at my partner and told her “Just give me one second” and knowing she didn’t have a choice anyways, I did what I would do in my training when presented with setback after setback.  I closed my eyes, for what seemed like minutes, visualized myself performing the movement perfectly in slow motion – then faster.  Before I opened my eyes I just gave myself the most cliche push of all: “You can do this”.  I completed 4 muscle ups before the clock finally ran out.
This was one of the more stressful events I have competed in and I’m grateful for that.  Not only did it present me with some of the most challenging physical feats to date while highlighting my innumerable limitations, but it pushed me to find the positive visualization techniques that have proven effective in my own training.  I should also mention that my studette of a partner was calm, cool, and collected all while being bystander to my learning process.  She is a the classiest of competitors providing endless support and encouragement.  Her confidence going into the event was probably the biggest lesson for me of all.  Why allow your default to be “anything but last place” when you’re actually capable of coming in 3rd place – just behind all females who made regionals?  There is no prize for most modest so get out there be ambitious.
MR ButterflySpend 20 minutes
Back Squat- work up to a heavy 3rm

3 x
:30 L-Sit (accumulate time if you have to before moving on)
10 DB Step Ups (20″)
20 Banded Pull Aparts

TABATA (alternate between both until you complete each exercise 8 times)
Push Ups
Hollow Rocks

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It is never too late,  you just have to decide to take the first step. And then the second…until it’s learned behavior and no longer a chore.

Every :30 for 10 minutes
Complete- hang power clean + front squat
*use weight that is challenging but movement isn’t compromised
*add weight every other minute if possible

Amrap 15 minutes
15 Ball slam
10 T2B
400m Run /500 row (alternate rounds if possible)

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Happy Friday. Its been a pretty solid week here at Balboa and I commend all of you for seemingly taking it up a notch.
I know its Friday and that typically means Bench day, but seeing that we have been a little heavy in the shoulders yesterday we are going to step away, well kind of…

3 x
6-8 x Single Arm DB Bench (each side)
8-12 x Single Arm DB Bent Over Row
Rest as needed between rounds

AMRAP 5 minutes
6 Back Squats (#115/ #85)
6 burpee pull ups
Rest 2 minutes
AMRAP 5 minutes
6 Front Rack Lunge (#115/#85)
6 Bar over Burpee
Rest 2 minutes
6 Back Squats (#115/ #85)
6 burpee pull ups

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If you have attended any class that I have been coaching of late I am pretty interested in American Ninja Warrior to the point where I have begun beginning stages to have Roger fabricate some cool new apparatus, if possible. If know Roger, anything is possible.

The video above shows a former Division -I female gymnast changing the ANW game. Not only is she the first woman to complete the qualifying course, she proved herself on a course that many males much stronger and physically capable than her. Yet, in spite of being just 5′ tall and somewhere around #100 she willed and wiggled her way to victory button pushing.

Inspirational, heck yeah. In a sport highly dominated by men to say the least, this little lady decided to take a chance, train her buns off and compete against an unforgiving course heavy in upper body strength and coordination. Like many of us or maybe just me, we sit on our couches and look through a screen yelling at the tv or whispering under our breathe, “I could do that.” Well the honest truth is most of us cant or would find ourselves on the epic blooper real that comes with any good obstacle course. However, instead of just whispering this Kacey jumped to action and performed multiple feats, over and over proving her naysayers wrong. Boom, now this is where I tie this back to our gym.

I often hear the words, “I cant do that” or “that is just too hard.” These are words of fear, fear of not just failure but often not the fear or non-understanding or disbelief. We are all capable of so much more than we believe and this is why we need f relationships, training partners and others to instill that belief. Sure Kacey is a former D1 athlete and has all the athletic prowess of that said history, but she did something quite impressive, not just because she is probably stubborn and highly motivated but because she had others to push her, believe in her and provide the support needed to just try. Its all about effort. In the words of Fraulein Hinzman’s life coach, Yoda. “Do or Do Not, there is no try.” Stop avoiding what you are not good at, put your pants on or your shorts (damn its been hot lately) rip those sleeves off because its Sleeveless Thursday and get after it.

4:10 Is so sweet by the way. Studdette.

Skill Work/Warm-Up
EMOM for 8minutes
Complete 3 Snatch Balance or 4 Split Jerks (2 Left/2 Right)
*Use just the bar or something really light, men no more than #95/#65
**Hold the receiving position for 2 second pause

EMOM 10 minutes
odd: 12 slam Ball over shoulder
even: 25 Double Unders or  40 singles)

Sliders or MTn Climbers
16 Hang DB Snatch
200m run


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The Detective


Ladies and Gentleman of Balboa we are proud to announce albeit it rather rushed, but we are elated to have the opportunity to host Antony Lo from the land down under this coming Saturday from 9:30-12:30 for a seminar on the human body. Many of you may remember Antony from his time at Balboa last year. However, rather than simply working on people individually Antony will be providing a free seminar for all you Balboans. This assuredly will be worth your time.

Back at home Ant is highly sought after by athletes, coaches and other physios alike for his expertise on not only human movement and disfunction but his ability to provide a blueprint for a solution.

Antony Lo – APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist – CrossFit Level 1 Trainer – I have been helping people improve their performance and pain for over 17 years. My blog is at www.physiodetective.com and my website is at www.myphysios.com.au. I do CrossFit at CrossFit Creature (Marrickville, Sydney, Australia) as my main gym and my main clinic location. I also work from CrossFit Bodi Complete (Kirrawee, Sydney, Australia) and CrossFit Scorch (Peakhurst, Sydney,Australia). I see many CrossFit athletes including Games Level Athletes like Pip Malone, BrandonSwan, Khan Porter, Megan Smith as numerous regionals level athletes including Matt Healy, Pete Maxwell, John Templeton, Nath Beves, Kylie Lindbeck, and I am the team Physio for a number ofCrossFit boxes at regionals. I have lectured to Physiotherapy and Exercise Science Students, otherhealth professionals, coaches and athletes in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, NSW Central Coast, Perth, Singapore, as well as worked with numerous CrossFit boxes across the USA, Singapore and Australia including John Welbourn and his team at CrossFit Football and CrossFit Balboa.

Through out Ant’s years of practice he has come to be one of the leaders on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, this is primarily for you ladies but men can suffer from the same fate. During his abbreviated seminar Ant will be discussing not only the issue of “Leakage” and weakness of the pelvis but how to fix and solve the problem. He will also be addressing the trunk and spine as a whole entity of force production and stability.

What Is PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION ? -Click It I dare you. there is a pretty awesome video on the other side

I know it is short notice but I encourage all of you to come and participate. In addition, he will be here this coming Friday and the week of the 28th. He will be available to work with individuals during the week. Again, this will be a great opportunity for any of you. Please reply to this post if you plan on attending this coming Saturday!

I know that your time is important and with that in mind I have asked Ant to break things up in hour blocks, however I suggest you clear your schedules and/or get some baby sitters.

3 Rounds for Quality
8 Single Leg DB RDL’s (DB reach to opposite Leg)
30m Forward Bear Crawl/30 m Backward Bear Crawl
:30 L-Sit hanging From Bar (Accumulate if necessary)
:30 Lateral Skier

4 x :40 work :20second Transition
-Calorie Row
-Tire Strikes
-Ring Pull Up
- Push Ups (True if possible)

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Its all about the company you keep.

J’Wood as he is affectionately known over here at Balboa is the young gentleman in the front. Jason and his wife Melissa (not pictured) have been following CFB programming for almost three years now via their garage gym in Arizona.

Over the year’s the Wooden’s have accumulated some 20 or so other patrons whom all follow our programming diligently and with pretty solid results since jumping onto the BalboaJacked train. They will be here next Thursday on their annual vacation to the CrossFit Games held at the Stub Hub Center. If you have the opportunity to play hooky from your normal schedules rumor has it they will be in attendance at the 930 class.

The picture above is post Monday’s WOD after a little 400m running in the rain, cmon JWood share the water love, we are dying out West. He was lucky enough to gather a couple friends with him to enjoy a little sweat, rain and awesomeness. Having people to share in the joyous suffering makes things a little bit more bearable and just flat out more competitive. This right there is exactly why CrossFit, in spite of its naysayers, has done nothing but grow. Sure the workouts are exhaustingly comprehensive, sometimes overwhelming which unto itself is exciting however knowing that you are going to share in this experience with those around you is what it is all about.

At the end of the day without the personal element we will always stumble and fall short of our potential.

Sharing is caring. Take a look back at a write up done by Case about his and Irv’s first experience with Fran and that community push factor..

….We get started and he does awesome for the first 12 thrusters (we’re going to 15), and then he decides to take a rep off. NO REP. The look on his face says, damn, this guy is for real. So he gets under the bar and does two more, and of course he decides to flail on rep 15. NO REP. Oh you’re tired? Tough shit. Do it right or don’t do it. So he resets and hits 15 (it’s amazing what you can do if you focus) and we move to the pull up bar. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He cranked out 15 but he’s starting to look a little wobbly. I am encouraging him every step of the way. Talking him through his breathing, telling him to get on the bar. I don’t think he’s worked that hard in a long time.

Back to the thrusters. Now it sucks. He can only do a couple at a time and I am in his ear. Same thing as last time: he gets to the end and flails. NO REP. It is possible I am the only person in the gym hitting my partner with no reps. I am intense like that. But he is really pushing himself and even he can’t believe how well he is doing.

Back to the pull up bar for round two. He is suffering. His grip isn’t very good. We have about 45 seconds to do the pull ups. I tell him: “we are going to finish this set and do one thruster for a 61 rep total. No problem, but you need to get moving.” Can Irv get to rep 61? Unknown. We are going to find out. We’re on a voyage of discovery together, except only one of us is paddling and it’s not me.

He is doing triples on the pull up bar, barely. Now I’m talking him through it, step by step. On the bar, one two, breathe. “Get on the bar, Irv. The extra rest isn’t helping – we are past that now.” (“We”? I’m not doing dick.) The clock is ticking. “GET ON THE BAR.” He is down to singles. On rep 15 he blows it. NO REP. He can’t believe it. I am screaming: YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH THIS REP AND GET ON THAT GODDAMN BAR AND GIVE ME ONE THRUSTER. YOU GOT THIS LET’S GO LET’S GO LET’S GO. The professional crossfitters that dropped in at the gym that day are like, holy shit.

Irv finishes his last pull up and moves to the bar for the final thruster. I have one eye on him and one eye on the timer. We have 3 seconds. I am screaming: GET ON THAT BAR LET’S GO HIPS DOWN CLEAN SQUAT BURST FROM THE HIPS GET YOUR HEAD THROUGH GAHHHHHHHHHHHH and bam he crushes it: cleans the weight up to his chest, squats down, hips explode, arms extend, head through, 4:00 on the timer. 61 reps. I lost my shit. Epic triumph. He shakes his head, can’t believe he did it. Fist pumps and handshakes.

I’ve seem some amazing athletes at crossfit but I’m most impressed by the people that work the hardest, push themselves beyond what they think they can do. Way to crush it, Irv. Respect. You earned it.

Read Case entire Blog 

EMOM 10 minutes
3 Front Squats (@same weight as last weekor 75-80% of 1rm)

4 Rounds
10- Shoulder to OH (95-115/ 65-85)
10 KTE/T2B

rest 3 minutes

4 rounds
12 Barbell Thruster (45/35)
12 Hollow Rocks

*Score is total time



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Happy Monday

Spend 15 minutes building to a heavy clean or power clean

Amrap 15 minutes
400m Run
12 ball slams
9 box jumps
6 burpee
3 clean pulls (using weight you finished with for the strength work)

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